Peters Valley ENRICHES LIVES through the learning, practice, and appreciation of fine crafts.


The making of fine crafts is a kind of EXPLORATION, which relies on an integration of heart, head, and hands. Peters Valley encourages and facilitates this exploration in everything we do.


We are a vibrant community, bringing together established and emerging artists from around the globe. COMING TOGETHER to make things makes us better artists, able to learn from each other, and to evaluate our own efforts in a wider context.


We provide studio-based educational workshops for life-long learners who have the opportunity to benefit from working with nationally and internationally RECOGNIZED ARTISTS.


We are stewards of the CREATIVE PROCESS: from preparation, to incubation, to illumination, to verification. We strive to develop the creative abilities of all of our participants through this focus on process. We also believe creativity is not entirely a solitary effort- sometimes the most interesting creative ideas emerge from new experiences in new places with other artists who see the world differently than we do.


We provide an inspiring natural setting, intensive instruction, the right tools, and a supportive environment to immerse oneself in making things by hand. Fresh air and respite from one’s normal routine can bring FRESH INSIGHTS, and for some, perhaps, opportunities for peak moments, magic, and transformation.


Our gallery shows, craft fairs, annual auctions, presentations at various festivals, community outreach efforts, and other programs allow us to both bring fine crafts to a wider audience, and to help SHAPE FUTURE STANDARDS of excellence in fine crafts.


We honor the tradition of crafts by continuing to experiment with new techniques and materials, in pursuit of artistic, professional, and personal GROWTH. This is our focus and joy.


We are firmly committed to INCLUSION, DIVERSITY and EQUITY.